Advice That Changed My Life


I saw this really great interview with Amanda Gorman in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) (directed by Barbara Anastacio / article link below) and wanted to share it because it was so interesting.

The WSJ asked Amanda a series of short questions about her life - here a few of my favorite responses:


1. WSJ: What is Something You Have Learned During The COVID Lockdown?

Amanda: I've learned that there is nothing wrong with being alone. I spend a lot of time as a writer with my pen at my desk. When the lockdown began, that was all I was doing - and I started seeing solitude as a real gift. Because I think it is those moments of being alone, that teach you how important it is to have people that love you, be around you. 


2. WSJ: What's The One Piece of Advice That Changed Your Life? 

Amanda: The one piece of advice that most changed my life is from my mom, who is quoting Shakespeare in the play Hamlet. The character Polonius said: "To tyne own self, be true" and she always said that to me; in the car, on the way to school. And it meant a lot, because every day I was reminded to be my whole and fullest self.


3. WSJ: What is The One Mantra You Use Before Going on Stage?

Amanda: ... I am the daughter of a black writer who descended from freedom fighters, who broke their chains and changed the world. 


4. WSJ: What is One Trait Essential to Your Success?

Amanda: I would say courage, along with compassion, intelligence, and patience. All of these necessitate some type of bravery from us. We have to be brave enough to be kind and speak up for other people. We have to be brave enough to speak our intelligence to power. I myself, have had to overcome fear every day, as someone growing up with a speech impediment, because it necessitated that I use my voice - even when I was terrified to do so. 


5. WSJ: What is The One Thing That Keeps You Motivated?

Amanda: To put it simply, I would say joy. Because there is something inherently joyous when I write. Because I wouldn't keep doing it. There is some type of deep, inherent pleasure that I can't get anywhere else. 


Really great article and awesome insight by Amanda!


... Now, why don't you write a little bit and share what you have learned in life?

Your family and friends would love it!


That is really easy to do now, and this video shows how:


Here is the excellent Wall Street Journal article by Barbara Anastacio:









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