Connect the Generations - Write a Life Story

Life Story Writing connects the generations, strengthens family ties, and changes lives:

Children can...

  • Recognize an important sense of family history, heritage, belonging, and commitment
  • Develop increased emotional well being, higher self-esteem, and social adaptability
  • Receive a vital natural emotional bond, accompanied by unconditional love, undivided time and attention

Parents can...

  • Have the opportunity to bolster their own relationship with their parents by connecting them with their children
  • Receive valuable child-rearing support and assistance by tapping into a rich source of relevant experience and memories
  • Strengthen the family - resulting in greater love, respect, and closeness for all

Grandparents can..

  • Feel joy by providing the role of historian, mentor, role model, and nurturer
  • Have another opportunity to contribute to the family emotionally by playing the role of student and teacher
  • Feel higher degrees of satisfaction in life, be happier, and more hopeful for the future.